Real Debrid is a multi-hoster online service that enables quick and buffer-free video streaming and downloads. It is necessary for users who want to stream content online via Kodi or popular APKs like Cinema HD but do not want to wade through a sea of dead links. Officially, Real Debrid is a limitless downloader that can be used to download content in the form of files at breakneck speeds. Real Debrid’s main features include the ability to download content, subscription packages for premium services and working links, HTML 5 streaming without the need for plugins, and plugins for Chrome and Firefox with JDownloader, CCF, RSDF, and DLC decrypter. Unlimited traffic, parallel downloads, AES secure downloads, and multiple link hosts for the same content are also available.

The minimal service fee you pay goes towards paying for the upkeep of servers. In turn, you can access Real Debrid download links which means you can download high-quality files at speeds of up to 1GBps. This means you can integrate Real Debrid with Kodi or the Best Movie Apps, so when you look for a link to download, Real Debrid links are always provided first. You know you are downloading high-quality content that will take seconds and minutes and not hours or days using this service.


  1. You can access files hosted on dozens of high-speed providers.
  2. Using Real Debrid also means that you don’t have to wait for other people to download in front of you orworry about traffic speed to click through countless ads to get to your download.
  3. It’s also worth remembering that Real Debrid is not just for those who want to access high-quality download links. Its links also help to eliminate buffering and give you access to the best streaming links for your content.


If you are using a VPN like IPVanish, be sure to turn it off first when you are signing up for a Real-Debrid account. Turn it back on once you are done with the registration process.

  1. Sign up for Real-Debrid by clicking the banner below:
  2. Click on Signup
  3. Input your personal information and set your desired username and password.
  4. Choose Signup one more time.
  5.  A notification “Registration Complete” will appear.

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