How to Install IPVANISH

USING THE IPVANISH VPN TO PROTECT AND ENHANCE YOUR STREAMING INSTALL AND SETUP THE IPVANISH VPN Step 1: Go to the Home Screen on your Fire TV device. ​Step 2: Go to Find and then select the Search button. Search for IPVanish VPN Step 3: Select Download to download and install IPVanish VPN. Step 4: Select Open to open IPVanish VPN ​Step 5: Click the banner below to sign up and get your IPVanish VPN username & password […]

Some Live TV Options – Free

APPS THAT PROVIDE FREE LIVE TV (2022) We’ll list a few great live TV streaming options you can use for free. Many of these do not require an account. TUBI TV Tubi TV is a great option for streaming live TV show streaming sites. You can watch TV shows on Tubi TV that range from classic TV […]


Notice Developer Options missing from your Fire TV device?​Amazon’s latest software updates appear to have removed the Developer Options setting. Developer Options is a setting that allows apps from unknown sources to be installed and is required to sideload apps. Missing – But Why? According to multiple reports, many Fire TV users are no longer seeing the […]

Transfer Files

Fire TV Optimization & Tips Protect Your Privacy Amazon collects information about you that you probably don’t want to share – I recommend turning these features off, and here is how to do it: Settings > Preferences > Privacy Settings Turn off Device Usage Data Turn off Collect App Usage Data Turn off Internet-based Ads […]


WHAT IS REAL DEBRID? Real Debrid is a multi-hoster online service that enables quick and buffer-free video streaming and downloads. It is necessary for users who want to stream content online via Kodi or popular APKs like Cinema HD but do not want to wade through a sea of dead links. Officially, Real Debrid is a […]


ALLDEBRID GUIDE Most Kodi users get frustrated by the low-quality content, countless dead links, and extremely slow streams with buffering. Many torrent users get frustrated also with low-quality content, hidden viruses, lack of download links and throttled download speeds. This is where AllDebrid comes to play. You just need to add this service to your streaming device […]

Alldebrid & Real Debrid

WHICE ONE IS BEST FOR YOU: ALLDEBRID OR REAL-DEBRID? The sections that follow will explain AllDebrid and show you how to utilize it to find unlimited streaming streams. AllDebrid describes itself as “an online multi-downloader service,” which implies users can access a variety of file hosting providers to discover streaming links and other content. Even […]

Kodi Builds

HOW TO INSTALL THE FREE LIVE TV ADD-ON IN KODI TOP BEST KODI BUILDS FOR FREE MOVIES & TV IN THE FALL SEASON OF 2022 (KODI MATRIX – VERSON 19+) The top Kodi builds as of right now are listed below for the Fall season of 2022. Currently, some of the best Kodi Builds available include: Diggz Xenon […]

The Crew Add-On In TV

HOW TO INSTALL THE CREW IN KODI This add-on quickly became well-liked due to its interesting content, top-notch playback, and straightforward interface. Among the categories available are stand-up comedy, radio, movies, TV shows, sports, IPTV, kids, fitness, and food. HOW TO INSTALL THE CREW IN KODI: Launch Kodi > Click the Settings icon > Click […]

Free Live Tv Add-On In Kodi

HOW TO INSTALL THE FREE LIVE TV ADD-ON IN KODI This add-on exclusively uses official sources to scrape TV networks in HD quality. CNN, Food TV, Fox Sports, British TV, Paramount Movie Channel, NFL Channel, MTV, Dora TV, VH1, Vevo, CBSN, NBC, MLB, BBC, Euronews, Bloomberg, Court TV, ABC News, PBS Kids, Nick Jr., and […]